Contest! And a Bit About Dietary Fibre…

Hello Lovelies! In the mood for a contest? I found this one online and the prize is a healthy treat!

So we all know how good fibre is for our digestion. Seriously, it’s an excellent…regulator *ahem*. But it there’s definitely more to it than that!  Did you know that there are two types of fibre: soluble and insoluble?

Soluble fibre is the type of fibre that dissolves and ferments in our colons. It’s the kind of fibre that helps reduce cholesterol levels by preventing it from being absorbed in the body and helping us to eliminate it from our bodies! This is the kind of fibre that can also help slow the absorption of carbohydrates in the bloodstream and therefore keep those blood sugar levels in check. What does that mean? Well, this is the fibre that helps us with those crazy, inconvenient sugar cravings!

Insoluble fibre is the other form of fibre. It can’t be broken down and is used by our bodies to add bulk to our digestive track. Basically, this is the very important stuff that helps keep our bowels happy and regular!

Now that we know a bit more about fibre, I want to share a fibre-themed contest with you! PGX (a highly viscous fibre supplement) is having a contest, giving away ten start up kits per day to ten lucky winners! It’s actually pretty cool. You get all sorts of goodies to try if you win one of these prize packs:

PGX Start Up Kit Contest

If you are working on losing the love handles, this might be something you’d like to enter since adding more fibre to your diet (you can add more fibre-filled foods too, although this a convenient way to do it as well). It’s helpful to add to our arsenals of good eating and exercise in the battle of the bulge! Haha!

Good luck! My fingers are crossed for a win!

(Image via Preventive Health)


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