3 Tips for Dealing with Stress

I promise these tips will help you deal with any of the stress you may be feeling… and you may end up wanting a dog too!

Stress can be a nasty thing to deal with. It’s incredible how one state of mind can cause so many issues! Fortunately I have three potential solutions to help cope with stress (trust me, I am an expert in stress experience and management!):

My first suggestion is to tackle the stress from within. I really like the idea of helping the body deal with the crazy cortisol influx of a stressful day by feeding it Omega-3 Emotions or B-Calm vitamins (I’m rather pleased with the results I’ve seen from these Webber Naturals formulas)!

My second suggestion is exercise. Get your body moving and clear your mind. I’m a big fan of yoga and dancing. Dancing definitely gets the heart pumping and if I have the opportunity to follow up with a yoga class (yin maybe?) then the stress really just melts away… well, at least for that day!

And if neither of those options sound like the immediate relief you were looking for, this omelette flipping dog might be the answer!

Check out this adorable short animated film from CalArts student, Maddie Sharafian

Omelette from Madeline Sharafian on Vimeo.


3 Responses to “3 Tips for Dealing with Stress”

  1. Lily Mugford

    Yes, I forgot eating right when I did my little survey on coping with stress. I love the little doggy cartoon… he had me falling in love when he licked his little lips… too cute. I want him.


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