HOW TO Get Beach Ready!

It’s May and summer is loading! You know what that means: beach time! Here are my how to tips for getting beach ready…

It’s been gloriously sunny and warm for the past two weeks! A wonderful bonus for me and all my fellow Vancouverites! People have been flocking to the beaches for a potential early tan this year. But it is only May and I didn’t quite count on having to be beach ready until at the very least, mid-June! And I’m not quite ready. I’ve got a little bit more work to do on those love handles!

Here are my tips on HOW TO Get Beach Ready…

Step one: Begin with your nutrition.

There is no miracle pill or crash diet that will melt off the extra, winter layers. If you see something that says so, be very very suspicious! Eat plenty of vegetables and lean meats and whole grains! If you love your sugar, treat yourself once in a while! Or try some fibre to help control the blood sugar roller coaster! Check out PGX if you prefer to keep it simple and get sufficient fibre. It’s an all natural fibre supplement that helps control the cravings and keeps you feeling full (no magic here; just plain ol’ science and biology!).

Step Two: Exercise.

Move your body! Wake up in the morning, do a stretch and warm up your muscles. Try going for a run or a brisk walk or both (beach legs, heck yes!). You don’t need a gym to get in shape. Give yourself at least 20 minutes a day and get your heart pumping with simple exercises like jumping jacks, pushups, squats, lunges and the plank! If you move consistently, you’ll be surprised at the results!

Step Three: Buy yourself a fabulous new beach outfit.

Seriously, a lot of work goes into getting beach ready. Treat yourself to a new outfit for the summer season and show off the results of your efforts! Making the commitment to better nutrition and more exercise can be a herculean effort (I speak from personal experience), so don’t be shy about showing off the results of your hard work. Purchase something you are excited to wear and hang it up where you can see it everyday for ongoing inspiration.

Here are a few items that are inspiring my efforts for this summer…

HOW TO Get Beach Ready

1. Logo One-Piece, Tory Burch | 2. Maaji Matchmaker Yellow Bikini, Anthropologie | 3. WeHeartIt | 4. Sanibel Reversible Bikini, Tory Burch | 5. Bolso shopper ├ętnico, Stradivarius | 6. Leather Sandals, Zara | 7. Twirled Turban Headband, Anthropologie | 8. Red Cedar Floppy Hat, Anthropologie

(Image via kianagodsey)


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