Running on Rainbows!

With all the colourful running shoe options out there, we can now, literally, run on rainbows!

Running: such an easy, affordable workout. No need for expensive gym memberships and yet so, so many health benefits! I think if I had a pair of really fabulous shoes, like these…


Nike Free 3.0

…then I would be more inspired to go running.

Running can increase your stamina, lean and lengthen your muscles, prevent bone and muscle loss, relieve stress and definitely help us lose those love handles!

If you are like me and never really went running but like the idea of it, take a look at this short and concise article, Running 101 from Webber Naturals. It has a great 8-week training program that actually seems feasible for beginners like me!

But there’s definitely more to running than just a good training program. You’ll see better results if you feed your body well, equip your feet with the proper shoes, and run with the right form! Running Posts from the Past has all of that summed up quite neatly for all of us aspiring runners 😉

(Image via Nike Free Run)


2 Responses to “Running on Rainbows!”

  1. Lily Mugford

    I am just getting into running. I want to do a 5 KM by fall. I love the rainbow shoes… I hope I can find them at the Running Room…


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