Chocolate Cravings & Fibre

I think I’m suffering from a serious Easter chocolate hangover…and yet I still want more chocolate eggs!

I’ve been pretty good in the chocolate and cookie craving department for the past few months. And then Easter happened. All I can say is thank goodness I have dance or else I would be inflating like a balloon with the amount of sugar I’ve been consuming this past week! That said though, I fear I may have jumped on the sugar roller coaster!

So how do I stop this ride? Aside from sheer will power, consuming more fibre seems to be the way to go! Eating more fibre helps to stabilize the blood sugar levels, which will then help keep those cravings in check! I especially found this article from naturopathic doctor Stephanie Rubino to be useful in explaining what kind of foods are high in fibre!

Now, to stop my hand from reaching over for the cookies at my desk instead of the apples… Distraction needed! Check out these super amazing Ukrainian Easter eggs! So, so artistic and detailed! I feel making these again…

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

(Images via Wikimedia Commons and Crazy Frankenstein)


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