Tattoos & Carrots

Hello lovelies! What do you think of tattoos? Would you ever get one? I’m thinking maybe a temporary one will do…

Tattoo’s have never really been on my radar. My skin has always been on the more sensitive side (nothing a little vitamin E can’t help with!). Temporary would be the way to go. It’s non-committal and certainly less invasive and painful than a real tattoo! Thankfully, this yummy carrot art is temporary fun!

Tattly Designy Temporary Tattoos are an adorable, artistic way to do body art! They’ve got some lovely little designs, none of which are permanent! So far the carrot is my favourite. If I had that on my arm, I feel like I’d try and eat healthier, take my vitamins and all that! Maybe I’d even feel like eating more carrots! They may not make my eyes getter better over night but they make great munchies that won’t add love handles!


3 Responses to “Tattoos & Carrots”

  1. Kingdom of Tides

    The carrot one is adorable! I actually have a real tattoo on my wrist. I never ever thought I’d get one but then I had a specific idea that got stuck in my head for about half a year before I actually got it. Love it and don’t regret it.

    • sandalslhandles

      Very cool! I think I would be too much of a chicken to get one done myself! But I’ve seen some beautiful permanent ones. Maybe one day! It makes sense to find something you connect with and really think about beforehand though!


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